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Hardie Siding Installed by Sunwest Roofing

Help Your Home Stand Against Calgary’s Extreme Weather Conditions with Hardie Board’s Notorious Durability

Sunwest Roofing wants homeowners to understand their options when redoing their house siding. We choose to work with James Hardie® products to ensure the best possible results for homeowners in our city. Hardie siding materials are best known for their strength against extreme weather conditions. This is hugely beneficial to Calgary homeowners – we have seen hail storms in July! Don’t leave your home’s structural health to chance. By choosing a strong material for your house siding, you choose to increase the value of your home, and the safety of your home. This composite of cement, sand and cellulose fibres has become an increasingly popular choice in our city.

A Long Lifespan Means Time and Money Saved

The price tag attached to Hardie products is worth the increased lifespan. This siding material lasts up to 25 years between complete replacements.

Hardie board installation requires extra training because of its weight. When choosing a siding contractor, be sure to check that the team is certified to install the desired siding materials. Our trained team of siding contractors will expertly install your new siding quickly and efficiently.

Low Maintenance Siding for Busy Homeowners

We get it: you’re busy. Nobody wants to spend their weekends cleaning their home. When you choose Hardie board, you choose a siding option that requires less regular maintenance than other materials. Repainting can be pushed off for every 5-10 years. Don’t want to repaint yourself? Our team can help you.

Hardie Products are Versatile, so we Will Find a Style to Fit Your Needs

We know that every home needs something different. Factors including climate, budget, aesthetics and desired lifespan all come into play when choosing a siding option. Lucky for you, we have access to different styles of Hardie products with different specifications suited to different weather conditions.

Enhance the Look of Your Home with Different Colours and Textures

Not only is Hardie board versatile in its technical specifications, but it comes in a variety of colours and textures to enhance the look of your home. Some Hardie products are made to mirror other, more expensive siding materials, so you can achieve the luxurious look you want for less. Neutral tones, earthy greens and blues, and warm reds are just a few of the colours available. If you’re looking for a quick way to increase the value of your home, sometimes a siding facelift is all you need!

Our team at Sunwest Roofing can talk you through all of your options. We want you to love the results! Call us at (403) 933-2539 to learn more.

Keep Your Money in Your Wallet by Going Green with Eco-Friendly Hardie Board

Eco-friendly products are good for the environment, and your wallet. We want our customers to keep their money where it belongs. By investing in Hardie products, your home will immediately be more insulated, therefore more energy efficient. Increased energy efficiency means increased savings!

This siding material is made from all natural materials, and never uses harmful by-products. If you want to feel good about an investment in your home, let Sunwest Roofing install Hardie products.

Hardie board isn’t for you? Sunwest Roofing also installs budget-friendly vinyl siding.

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