Sunwest Roofing Replaces Roofs In Calgary & Area

Our Process

Our Roofers Follow a Strict Plan of Action, so All Roof Replacements Meet Consistent Standards

We begin by tarping off the ground around your home. This ensures a more efficient cleanup on every property. Next, we remove existing shingles to expose the plywood underneath. We install the drip edge along the eaves, apply a peel and stick membrane on the eaves and valleys, and apply a synthetic underlayment to protect your home from storms. From there, we install the shingles, vents, and 30 gage metal in the valleys of the roof.

We Include All of the “Extras,” so You Are Satisfied with the Results

Sunwest’s roofers won’t just repair your roof. We go the extra mile to ensure great results. We will reflash your chimney if needed, clean your eavestroughs, and make sure that your property is spotless before we leave. Customer satisfaction is our priority. Our team is happy to review our product and workmanship warranties with you before and after each job. We want you to know exactly what you are getting!

Sunwest Roofing Will Replace Your Roof Without Putting a Dent in Your Wallet

At Sunwest Roofing, we work within the client’s budget, and we offer competitive prices. If you find a better price for the same services, we will honour that quote. Before starting any project, we meet with the client to go over the details and expectations of the job. From there, we work out a reasonable budget and formulate a plan of action.

Extra Protection For Calgary Roofing – Even Our Underlayment is Guaranteed for 6 Months

Some roofing contractors will guarantee their work for a short time, but these warranties are often limited. At Sunwest Roofing, we offer a ten-year workmanship warranty, various material warranties, and we even guarantee our underlayment for 6 months. The underlayment of a roof is the extra layer that protects the inside of your home from moisture. Moisture buildup results in leaks, mould, and water damage that will affect the structure of your home over time. With our expert installation and warranty options, your house will be protected for years!

Calgary Roofing Options For All Kinds Of Weather

Sunwest Roofing offers homeowners the choice between rubber roofing and asphalt shingles. Both are solid roofing options for homes in Alberta’s climate. The differences lie in the details. Do you have a flexible budget? Are you searching for a specific look? We have options for you!

Asphalt Shingles Will Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home For a Reasonable Price

Sunwest Roofing uses Owen’s Corning Duration and Malarkey Legacy brands of asphalt shingles, so that you can expect exceptional results from our installations. The biggest benefit to asphalt shingles is their affordable prices. Most homeowners opt for asphalt when choosing their new roof. An old roof makes your whole house look tired and outdated. Nobody likes looking at worn-out homes. Lucky for you, our brands of asphalt shingles come in a variety of colours and specs to fit your preference and existing property. Sunwest can find a shingle style for every home.

If you’re unsure of the best fit for you, call us.

Malarkey Legacy Shingles

Malarkey Legacy Shingles Installed by Sunwest Roofing Could Decrease Your Home Insurance Fees

Insurance can be a pain. Insurance companies take the materials on your roof into consideration when determining your rate. Regular asphalt shingles don’t stand as well against the elements as other materials. When Sunwest Roofing installs Malarkey Legacy shingles on your home, you may be eligible for a decrease in your home insurance. Most insurance companies appreciate the strength and reliability of these shingles on residential properties. Pay a little bit extra now to save a lot later.

A Limited Lifetime Warranty on Malarkey Legacy Shingles Save You Time and Money

If there’s one thing that homeowners hate, it’s reroofing. Sunwest offers Malarkey Legacy to homeowners looking for a long-lasting asphalt shingle. Aside from the 50 year limited lifetime warranty, Malarkey Legacy has a class 4 hail impact rating. In Calgary’s weather, these standards are worth the extra cost.

Owen’s Corning Duration

Owen’s Corning Duration’s 209km/hour Wind Rating Will Protect Your Home from the Great Outdoors

For homeowners on a tighter budget, Owen’s Corning Duration meets all quality standards without the same price tags attached to rubber roofing and other brands of asphalt shingles.

Eurolite® Rubber Roofing

Never Replace Your Roof Again with EuroLite Rubber Roofing Installed by Sunwest

Sunwest Roofing uses only the best roofing materials we can find. For rubber roofing, we choose EuroLite to ensure client satisfaction. EuroLite is more expensive than asphalt, but less expensive than tile or clay. Its benefits include its appealing aesthetics, its range of colours, and its lifetime product warranty.

Decrease Your Home Insurance With Fire Resistant EuroLite Rubber Roofing

EuroLite Rubber Roofing is strong and fire resistant. This material withstands extreme hail and wind, but is still light and low maintenance. Some styles of EuroLite rubber roofing are essentially indestructible. Insurance companies will actually decrease the insurance premium of your home if you install durable materials. For homeowners also looking for an eco-friendly option, EuroLite installed by Sunwest Roofing Calgary is a fantastic option.