Meet Our Team of Calgary Roofers at Sunwest Roofing

Our Team of Calgary Roofers are All Fully Licensed, WCB Insured, and Third Person Liability Insured, You Cannot be Held Responsible for any Potential Worker Injuries.

Not all roofing contractors are licensed within the City of Calgary. Worse yet, most don’t have 3rd person liability insurance or worker’s compensation coverage with the Worker’s Compensation Board of Alberta. This means that, in the case that a worker with no coverage is injured while working on your house, they could go after you personally for compensation. The uninsured worker could even put a lien on your house. A lien obligates you to pay your “debt” to the injured worker before you can renew your mortgage or sell your home. If you fail to compensate the uninsured employee who was injured on your property, you face a potential law suit. The risk is not worth the money saved by choosing a less-expensive roofing company.

Our In-Depth Analysis of Your Requirements Shows You What You Need, but Also What We Can Do To Increase the Value of Your Home as Much as Possible, at an Affordable Price.

Our detail-oriented team first performs an in-depth analysis of your home to find all of the areas that could use a little extra attention. You may think that all you need is a new roof, but we look at all components that make a valuable home. Does your siding need replacing? Have you always dreamed of a skylight? A skylight is a great investment in any home, and promises 100% return on investment. Our team wants to increase the value of your home. Our initial analysis identifies all areas that could create a high return on investment, with just a little extra care.

Our Financing Rates are Lower Than Most of Our Competitors, so You Can Complete Your Necessary Renovations Now, but Pay Later.

After lengthy research of the financing options we could provide you, we have settled on a 3rd party financing program. This program offers the lowest rates across all of Canada’s financial institutes. While your credit rating still acts as a deciding factor, we promise the best interest rates possible for each client. Don’t let finances stand in the way of your dream home!

Our Honest Sales Team Only Sells You What You Need.

Most roofing companies sell you their products for the highest price possible. Added unnecessary products and services hike up your bill even higher than their initial quotes. Our sales team is honest and ethical, so they only sell you what you need. We keep our employees happy and driven with above average salaries, and low employee turnover. Our sales staff are ready to help you with your required renovations, for the lowest prices possible.

We Are Confident in Our Work, So We Offer Price Match Guarantee!

Try to find another roofing company that offers prices better than ours. If you do, we will match their price.

Our Asphalt Shingles Include a Limited Lifetime Warranty, So That you Save Money and Never Re-roof Again!

More expensive roofing products, such as rubber roofing almost always carry a lifetime guarantee. Our company takes your home one step further with asphalt shingles that include up to a lifetime warranty. Our clients can register for 30 year warranties online. Better yet, asphalt shingles are always less expensive than other roofing options. We are so confident in our talented craftsmanship that – in the unlikely chance that we have to return for repairs – we offer ten-year workmanship warrantees.

Calgary’s Weather Changes Between Extremes Within Minutes. High Winds Don’t Stand a Chance Against the Quality Roofing Materials We’ve Settled on After Years of Experience with Inferior Roofing Products.

Our team’s years of experience in the roofing business leave us confident that we can provide you with the best products for the best price. We guarantee the best results using the best supplies. Our quality materials will keep Calgary’s outdoors outside.

Our Team Focuses on Starting and Finishing One Job at a Time, so we Stay Out of Your Way.

Most of Calgary’s roofing contractors break jobs down into unnecessarily small sections. They set up the site one day, arrive days later with their team. Often times the team works on multiple jobs at once, leaving your property looking like a mess for lengthy periods of time. We aim for minimal disturbance around your home, so we start each job the same day that the scaffolding and materials arrive. We don’t start on new jobs until we have completed – and cleaned up – yours.

Our Team Keeps Your Property Clean While They Work, so You Won’t be Left With a Huge Mess.

Our talented team believes in total quality control. Our Calgary roofers are trained to be conscious and respectful of each client’s property, throughout the duration of each project. The entire site is kept as clean as possible from start to finish. As added insurance, we complete a clean-up inspection, including a sweep of your property with a metal detector to locate any accidental stray nails and tools.

You Don’t Pay Anything Until the Job is Done and You Are Happy – No Deposits!

Most of Calgary’s contractors will quote you low to hook you, then catch you later with “unforeseen fees” and “extra repairs.” Our team quotes everything firmly in advance, so you know exactly what your repairs, renovations and installations will cost upfront. We don’t require any deposits, and financing is available after the job is complete.

Our Roofers Participate in Lengthy Detail-Oriented Training, So They Know How to Complete Each Job Correctly the First Time.

The problem with “cash corner” hires is that they typically lack experience. After our interview and screening process, our employees are properly trained to complete jobs effectively and efficiently. We give your roof the attention it needs, and the knowledgable workers each job requires.

We Keep a Watchful Eye on Our Roofers, and Perform Regular Quality Checks at Each Stage of Your Roof’s Renovations.

Quality control is a true test of a contractor’s services. We want our clients to be comfortable throughout their renovations and repairs, so we constantly supervise our workers.Quality checks at every stage of your roof’s progress ensures great results with no set-backs. We promise that our high-quality work will meet your expectations.

We Strictly Follow Our “Best Practices” Procedures Manual.

We perform a perfect job, every time, because we strictly follow our own “Best Practices” manual. This manual is a set of standards that outline how to properly tackle unique projects, and use specific tools. There is no Canadian law to guide roofing practices on residential homes, so it is up to the roofing contractor to set guidelines for what produces quality work in a safe way. Our “Best Practices” guide our roofers to ensure that your new roof keeps the outdoors out, and our workers stay safe.

Our Clean-up Inspection Leaves Your Property Safe and Tidy – No Hidden Nails!

We are diligent from start to finish when working on your home. Before leaving your property, we perform a thorough and standardized clean-up inspection. We sweep your yard with a metal detector, check your troughs for debris, and leave your property sparkling. No materials are left behind.

Check out our Reviews!

The best test of a roofing contractor is their reviews. Clients are honest when they receive great results from an efficient, tidy and trustworthy team. Here are some reviews from our satisfied clients:

“Not only did they do an amazing job on the roof, the cleanup was perfect. Everyone who worked at our home was very professional and courteous… Pricing was extremely good as well.” – a satisfied Calgarian homeowner

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